How it all began…

"They are always there ..."


The answer is always the same and I am smiling, excited by the typical phrase, always on the tip of my tongue ... yes, the phrase that gave this blog its name. Because the idea isn't really ours! Ask my dad where we’re going and the immediate answer isit will say “Come on!”. Or how he used to say "They're just fine walking there!". I burst out laughing… there's no point in saying whether we are going on a big trip or if we are just going to climb or ride a bike close to home… we walk over there and ready! And, on second thought, my father is absolutely right because what we really like is walking over there… And so, in the search for a name for the blog within the thousands that already exist, “Nwe over there ” it fits like a glove!

us and the blog


The idea of ​​the blog came naturally from the desire to share stories, experiences, ideas and images, always with a personal touch from those who lived the moment and try to recreate it, transporting people to that precise place and moment. It is a way to relive something past, making it somewhat perpetual! It is the desire to inspire and encourage those who pass by, to live immersed in the present and to consciously enjoy the incredible beauty of our world, whether in a distant place or just around the corner. More than trips, they are fleeting passages here and there, trying to savor every bit of earth and every word of those who live there, always trying to give back to us, who we are. Traveling is not just out there, it starts right here, at your doorstep!

who we are


An expression that fits us so well, since the blow to the helmet is practically the same! A work of chance, or who knows of fate, these two met in a cave ... Yes! In a cave and not just any ... it was a handful of hours crawling through the incredible labyrinth of Algar da Pena da Falsa, in Serra de Aire e Candeeiros. In the middle of games, explorations and adventures by mountains and beaches there was the NOS!

If I thought I was already living, it was when I met Jorge that the real “adventure” began. Being able to share moments and experiences with those who dream of them as much as I have made our complicity into something incredible! The meaning of what we live takes on another meaning because someone is there to see the same thing as us, to hear the same thing, to feel the same vibration! Someone who doesn't say “Stop dreaming”, who doesn't condition and doesn't try to change, who genuinely and unreservedly loves.

We are Crazy lovers, the eternal little partners who love to live this incredible trip through planet Earth to the fullest! We have the two carpenters, since we couldn't settle down for a single second and spent our lives running from side to side. It is not a defect it is made and if one says kill the other says skinning! We love wandering around nature, having epic adventures, getting lost in mountains and mountains, exploring the most beautiful corners of historic towns and cities, doing the most varied nature sports and listening to the memories of those who find us!



I was born on a thunderstorm day and grew up in a village always looking at two things ... in the mountains that appeared on the horizon and in the clouds that formed in the sky. These two things are now part of my daily life! I graduated in Meteorology and have worked at the Portuguese Air Force since 2013. Mountains, like all nature, are my life, my passion and where I feel truly happy! I love doing the most varied nature sports and living new experiences. I am a dreamer, always magicking the next adventure and an explorer, always in love with the idea of ​​knowing new places. I love meeting people and taking family and friends to live a little bit of my world.
Today I do everything to live what I always imagined and dreamed, and one day I want to do it professionally too.



From a very early age, nature and nature sports have been part of my life. Curiosity made me explore other paths until I felt the call of nature again and went back to my origins, pursuing professional fulfillment. I graduated in Nature Sport and Active Tourism in 2015 and after a few seasons connected to this branch I decided to do training in vertical works. Up to the present day is what I do and where I feel happy. I never get tired of learning and experiencing new challenges and I hate "always doing the same thing". I love to travel, meet people, other customs and places of this wonderful world.